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Hi everyone! Welcome to my new piano website!

I've been playing the Piano, Keyboard and Organ since I was 8 years old. By age 13 was taking part in UK wide music festivals using the Technics GN9 Organs, and studying music through Technics Music Academy. Since that time, I've always been involved in music, and taught piano more recently due to demand.

Currently based in Clacton-On-Sea, and teaching a roster of students, most of whom are taking their ABRSM Piano Grades, as well as learning harmony & theory, sight reading, ear training, and other important aspects of musicianship.

Piano is for everyone.

I can take on complete beginners and teach ABRSM Grades up to Grade 5 at present. But my theoretical knowledge from being a professional guitar player for the past 25+ years means I can offer advanced theory, orchestration and arranging services too.

I know the ABRSM exam process well, and can take students through the process to make them feel at ease. This gives them a huge advantage when taking their examinations.

I recommend weekly regular piano lessons, where I set homework, and study pieces. Long and short term goals are the key to developing on any instrument. I can help you establish lifelong good practise habits to become a better musician.

There is no age limit, and complete adult beginners are very welcome!